A blog by Joel Barolsky of Barolsky Advisors


Joel is the consultants’ consultant!  For the past 30 years he has helped law, accounting, engineering and other business advisory firms plan, innovate and grow.

In addition to heading up Barolsky Advisors, Joel is a Senior Fellow of the University of Melbourne, Teaching Fellow on the College of Law’s Master of Legal Business Management program, and a former Principal of Beaton Research & Consulting.

Joel has advised over 100 of Australia and Asia’s leading professional service organisations. Around 70% of his clients are repeat clients or come directly from referrals from existing clients.

His current practice focuses on helping clients:
* Craft and implement winning business strategies
* Conduct strategic reviews
* Map organisational culture
* Create competitive advantage through innovation
* Review key client/strategic account management programs
* Facilitate business-critical meetings, retreats and planning workshops
* Accelerate growth of key client relationships
* Deliver high-impact training for relationship managers
* Design effective governance and pie-splitting systems.

He is a long-suffering St Kilda and Liverpool supporter.

Contact: joel.barolsky@barolskyadvisors.com, +61 (0) 417 305 880, au.linkedin.com/in/joelbarolsky/, http://www.barolskyadvisors.com

Barolsky Advisors have launched a new iOS pricing app: PRICE HIGH OR LOW

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